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This website hosts decks of index cards created by users for their own use or to share with others. Each deck can contain hundreds of cards - each of which stores a small amount of information. The user can create, edit, delete, sort, and categorize the cards.

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Note: These are read-only decks - you can't modify the data.
However, you can change preferences that control the view and the search behavior.
This is a collection of Medieval and SCA Sonnets in translation. The sources appear to be public domain - with many coming from Gutenberg.org. SCA Sonnets are copyright by their respective authors.
This is a copy of A.S. Kline's open-source translation of the poems of Francesco Petrarca (Petrarch). See the poetryintranslation.com website for more details.
This is a collection of medieval storytelling resources created by the Carolingian Storyteller's Guild in the Barony of Carolingia, in the East Kingdom of the SCA.   Carolingia    East Kingdom    SCA )
This is a collection of Shakespeare's sonnets taken from Gutenberg.org.
This is a set of categorized recipes supplied by the cook. Have fun cooking!
This is a collection of proverbs and proverbial phrases from Wikipedia.
This is a collection of Mother Goose stories taken from Gutenberg.org.

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