One Thousand And One Notes

A place to store notes.

You can create, edit, view, delete, sort, classify, and search them.

Welcome to "One Thousand And One Notes" - a website that helps you organize your thoughts, data and insights in an easy-to-use fashion.

The idea is that you keep notes - and then you reference the notes as you need the information. You could collect recipes, references, definitions, favorite comments on favorite topics, a set of movie or book summaries - your imagination is free to do what it wants.

The website concept is that you have a set of index cards that store small bits of text information. Just put what you want on the card and it gets saved. Cards can be created, edited, and discarded - just like index cards in a file-box. In addition, there are search and sort and categorization capabilities built in to the system. The website allows you to set a number of personal preferences (search rules, themes, personal information). In addition, you can download your current data to your own disk for safe-keeping.

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